Resultz Fit Club


Finally... A blueprint for losing fat and building lean muscle. Everything is completely taken care of for you. This blueprint is designed to get you the results you truly desire.

Finally...Never be confused or overwhelmed in the gym or kitchen again. Follow an extremely simple, but effective system to get you lean and sculpted!

Finally... A program that includes coaching, content, and a community of people on the same journey. This unique program combines exercise, nutrition, and motivation in a synergistic way to help transform your mind and body.


Why You Should Listen To Us

The Resultz Transformation TEAM

Ken Canion

Ken is a professional speaker and personal development coach who has trained, motivated, and mentored thousands of people in growing and maximizing their potential. 

Since being a contestant of the reality show “The Biggest Loser,” he has helped hundreds of people go through the Resultz Transformation Process. He is a transformation specialist who uses his skill set to help people not only transform their bodies, but their minds as well. Because he has struggled with his weight for most of his life, he understands the challenges of people on this journey. Allow Ken to be your coach on your transformation journey. Just remember: Every Journey Starts With One Step!

Lost 130 lbs

Lynch Hunt

Lynch is a fitness expert who is passionate about improving your lifestyle through exercise. His holistic approach to training, utilizing motivational and interpersonal skills will inspire you to reach your goals. He has experience working with clients of all ages and ability levels, from the novice to the athlete. His expertise is plainly displayed as he gets undeniable results with clients who have physical limitations and motivation challenges. Lynch’s purpose is to inspire and encourage you to take your fitness capacity to the next level. He  provides the knowledge, accountability, and intensity you need to be successful in all aspects of life. Whether your goals are weight loss or competing in professional sports, he is the perfect coach for you.

Lost 85 lbs

Resultz Fit Club Transformations

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Do Any Of These Frustrations Sound Familiar

- I don’t have a step by step plan to lose weight.
- I don’t have the time to workout.
- I don’t know what I should be eating to lose weight.
- Can I eat out?
- Healthy foods don’t taste good.
- I have to give up all the foods I like!
- What type of workout should I be doing?
- Should I take supplements?
- I don’t know which supplements are best for my goals.
- I need accountability to stay on track.
- I need a community of people on the same journey.
- I want my questions answered without being judged.
- I want help from someone who understands my struggle.

We get it……That’s why we built the The Resultz Fit Club for people just like you. Those Things Will Never Hold You Back Again!

Designed for men & women of all ages & fitness levels.

The videos and detailed ebooks make it easy to follow and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced.

Convenient Mobile Access

Workouts and explainer videos for each exercise in the palm of your hand. Now, you can work out anywhere.

Digital Program

No books or videos to wait for in the mail. Simply login to get full access to the program within seconds.

What You Can Expect

Those who don't get the results they want from a fitness program usually make one of two mistakes: they try to out-train a bad diet, or they try to starve themselves into shape. Neither of these tactics will provide you with the results you're looking for. We are going to give you a comprehensive program that separate fact from fiction.

Metabolic Workouts

We provide you with the most effective workout programs possible for dramatically increasing muscle tone and burning excess fat.

Every workout in this program is designed to increase your metabolic rate while giving you the sculpted body you desire. 

Our workouts are based on a proprietary system we developed called F.A.S.T. It stands for Functional Athletic Strength Training.  F.A.S.T. is customized for HIIT training        

If you follow the program without skipping steps and taking short cuts, your body will drastically transform like the thousands of others who use the Resultz 90 Day Challenge.

  • Fast 30 minute workouts. No need to spend hours at the gym.
  • The workouts focus on the FDIC principle: Frequency, Duration, Intensity, and Correct Type of Exercises
  • Short HIIT cardio sessions that accelerate fat loss and keep you burning fat for 48 hours after the cardio session
  • User friendly mobile portal so you can take your workouts with you on your phone and follow along with ease.

Metabolic Nutrition

Exercise is important, but nutrition is the holy grail of physical transformation. Forming a new nutrition regiment can be difficult because our eating patterns are deeply engrained. 

This program is not about a diet. It is about showing you how to eat nutrient dense foods to help your body transform

  • What foods increase your metabolism
  • How to read labels so you don’t get mislead by food manufacturers
  • How much Proteins, Carbs, Fats you should eat
  • And so much more …

Supplement Education

When it comes to supplements, we will have you covered. We will educate you on the right supplements you should be taking. 

There are a few supplements that actually have an impact on fat loss and building lean muscle. We tell you exactly which supplements are worth your time and which aren’t.


Here is What You Get In Resultz Fit-Club

The Blueprint

The blueprint eliminates all of the guess work to losing weight and building the body you desire. Every day you will be given a set of instructions. The instructions were designed to alleviate confusion, frustration, and the feeling of being overwhelmed.


Metabolic Workouts

These daily metabolic total body workouts give you descriptions and how-to videos. They are designed to be mobile responsive so they look great on smart phone and mobile devices.

Motivation/Mindset Content

We will provide a collection of motivational, inspirational, and educational content that is specifically to help you overcome obstacles and challenges that arise along the way. We will show you techniques and strategies that will help you cultivate the proper mindset to be successful.

Nutrition Guide

You will learn how to eat, what to eat, and why you eat it. We will provide you with a comprehensive overview of nutrition and diet. What you eat is critical to achieving the transformation you desire. We break down nutrition in a simple way so that anyone can understand.

Supplement Guide

We will educate you on the right supplements to take. In this process, we will separate the good from the bad. Stop wasting your money on supplements that don’t actually work.

Unlimited email Access

Once you join the Resultz Fit-Club, you will have unlimited access to us. We will guide, coach, and help you achieve your goals. We also have a Facebook page where you can connect with us and people in our community.

Live Coaching

We will hold live online coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to help you in any area you may be having challenges in. It will be an opportunity for us to share new things pertinent to you on this journey.

90 Day Challenge

This 90 Day program is designed to empower and challenge you. If you are ready to transform your mind and body, we want you. If not, come back when you are ready. You will get the results you want if you are willing to commit to the process.

NO BS!! All we need you to do is commit to yourself for 90 days. We are convinced that if you commit and trust the process, you will be amazed at the results.


Guarantee---Read Carefully

It’s important you read this section carefully.  As we stated earlier, we don’t want everyone to join our program. Our program is monthly (30 days) and we are only looking for committed people who are ready to change their life NOW!. We aren’t looking for people who are trying to figure out if we are the coaches for them. Either we are or we aren’t.  Truth is…..The only guarantee we offer is that you will transform your body if you follow our process. We aren’t looking for people who only want to try us out and determine whether they like us or not.

With that being said, if you are ready to transform your mind and body, click to join.